Friday, September 7, 2007

important! team chat room meeting 9-13-07

alrighty! time for the first team etsy cleveland chat room meeting!
we'll talk about the details of an upcoming (and maybe ongoing) team promo contest and team trunk show. and anything else you want to bring up! so please bring your ideas! :)

the meeting will be at 8:00pm on Thursday, September 13th. just go to the main chat room area on etsy and look for the room titled "cleveland team meeting"

if you aren't familiar with the chat rooms in etsy click here for a (nicely illustrated) tutorial from etsian duet.

hope to see you there! :)


arianne said...

Will someone post a reminder for the chat on the Clevey thread?? I just *know* I will forget and be so bummed : ( You don't want to make me frown, do you? said...

don't frown hiannie! we'll remind ya!! :)