Saturday, September 8, 2007

knitting workshop Sat.9-22-07 @7:30pm with petite!

sarakate has been using her knitting needles for back scratchers, who else is guilty of yarn implement abuse or neglect? :)

let's all get together for a learn to knit party!

the talented and lovely jodie of petitelibellule has volunteered to teach us to knit! and she promises not to laugh at any lop-sided scarves we might make, this is gonna be great!

please click here for a supply/materials list and more info

please contact petitelibellule to rsvp and she will tell you how to get there :)


Sue said...


my residency period is 3 weeks. (it already happened, I am chronicling from my was FABULOUS!)

c-scapeduneshack said...

hey sue! love your crocs!! :)