Sunday, September 26, 2010

Market Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunity

We are excited to announce a great and affordable opportunity to advertise your business, event, or organization while helping us produce our 2010 Last Minute Market. Prices for a full color ad start at $55. Details and sign-up can be found here. You don't need to be a member and your organization can be just about any kind.

Don’t have an organization? We can also print your good-spirited message or dedication. Having “I love you, Timmy!” (for example) printed and distributed in public would make a wonderful and unique gift.

Thanks for considering it!

Monday, September 6, 2010


"There is a City Council meeting Sept 7th at 7 p.m. at Euclid City Hall on E. 222nd Street to discuss more and possibly vote on this issue. I am asking that you attend this meeting to give input on how arts and culture have positively affected your own community."

"Shore Cultural Centre is an old converted school that was built between the years of
1918 and the 1930’s. Twenty some odd years ago it was taken over by the City of
Euclid and turned into a cultural center. Due to the fact that the city was unsure
of how to manage the building, they hired a management corporation, Coral, a little
over a year ago to run the building. Coral has done a spectacular job running,
maintaining, managing and bringing in new arts, cultural, health and wellness and
community outreach tenants to the building on a limited budget.

Back in May, the City Council of Euclid approved a five year strategic plan for
Coral and the management of Shore. However, we attended the Euclid City council
meeting this past Monday night about the city approving the budget for Coral
Management Company to keep managing and improving Shore. It was eye opening, to say
the least. Coral has done an impossibly stupendous job in turning the place around
in a year, yet it doesn't look good. City Council seems unsure if Euclid should
subsidize some of the operational and capital funds Coral needs to ensure that Shore
can continue to be run successfully. It is now up for a vote on the behalf of City
Council to approve the budget to continue to operate the building. The projection
that the city would have to contribute is higher than they would like it to be. Key
aspects included in the funding are for a new boiler and the hiring of a development
director to solicit grants and private donations
that will help reduce the City of Euclid’s financial commitment.

We need your help.

All of our businesses, classes, educational opportunities, quality of life in the
Downtown Euclid area and community outreach opportunities are at stake. There is
once again talk of closing the building. This will be devastating to the downtown
area, as well as the region for many reasons: it will place a brownfield and/or
boarded up building in the middle of an economic center, it will eliminate the most
recognizable and historically relevant landmark in downtown Euclid, schools,
daycares and businesses within Shore will have to either close or be uprooted, a
significant amount of money will have to be spent on tearing down a building that
may contain asbestos, lead paint and other hazards, downtown traffic flow will be
interrupted indefinitely, and an arts, wellness and cultural district and presence
will cease to exist in a town that is already battling many social and economic

Some of the council members, as well as the Mayor are NOT in favor of giving the
full amount of money to subsidize Shore, as it continues on the path to

I am reaching out because you love the arts. While I know that every one of you
have your own battles and your time is precious I thank you in advance for your

Thank you,
Joanna Longo"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday September 11th, Cleveland Handmade Market at Wooltex

Come see 22 sellers of handmade art and craft at the Cleveland Handmade Market at Wooltex on Saturday, September 11th, 2010. Our Market is part of a huge downtown Cleveland art event, The Sparx City Hop. Please click on the picture for more information about the event and the artists who will be there.