Tuesday, September 18, 2007

so, what else is coming soon?

We are such a busy team that we are already starting to outgrow our blog! We will soon have a new home:
The new site will be our team's homepage with links to our online gallery, team member profiles, community art projects, a calendar to keep track of our many activities, a workshop proposal form, zine-style articles written by the team and lots more!
It will also be a great place for people to "shop Cleveland" :)
This is very exciting! Thanks to everyone for your enthusiam and amazing ideas!
We need volunteers to design a logo for our new site and also one for our gallery. Then we can put it to a team vote to choose :) Contact smashing for more details.

Check out the gallery while you are here, it was recently updated with pieces from our newest members :)
And don't forget, our scavenger hunt contest "Show Cleveland Some Love!" begins soon, check back for details! A lucky winner will get to shop for free in one or more of our stores :)
Contact Virtuallori to become a participating shop.

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Donna said...

wow, what a lot of hard work you've put into this! Thank you, the gallery looks great.