Friday, September 7, 2007

Destash Party Saturday 9/29!

What the heck is a destash party?
A get-together to sell, trade, and/or give away your excess, no-longer-needed, and/or no-longer-loved supplies (beads, fabric, ephemera, whatever crafty stuff you have) and acquire some new-to-you supplies from your Clevey teammates.

When and where is it?
Saturday, September 29, 1 p.m. until whenever at Lori's house in Westlake. Detailed directions will be sent when you RSVP. It's a 25-minute drive via I-90 from downtown Cleveland, less than 10 minutes from both the Great Northern Mall exit off I-480 and the Lorain Road exit off the Ohio Turnpike.

How does it work?
Everyone will get a space to put out their stuff for other people to "shop." It's totally up to you if you want to sell it or trade it, or both. It's okay to have "freebies," too — your trash could be someone else's treasure.

Do I have to bring stuff to destash, or can I just come and shop and/or simply socialize?
You don't have to bring stuff to destash; you can certainly come just to shop or hang out.

What should I bring? Other than my destash stuff, that is...
I'll provide soft drinks and munchies. Please feel free to bring wine or beer if you would like.

You people chat a lot and seem to know each other, but I haven't met any of you and I'm a little hesitant to dive in. Is there an initiation ritual? Should I be scared?
No way! Most of us didn't know anyone else on the team until just a few months ago. Some of us are just naturally gregarious. We're eager to welcome newcomers to our team, and we promise you won't feel left out.

Okay, I'm in. How do I RSVP?
E-mail by 7 p.m. Thursday 9/27 to say you're coming so I can plan for enough food and table space.

1 comment: said...

oh i'm so glad you mentioned not to be shy!! even big mouth smashing was pretty scared the first time she met some cleveys!

i still can't believe how awesomely awesome everyone is that i've met so far--and from what i've seen, i expect no less awesomeness from those i haven't---so come on! don't be scared :)

this is gonna be soooooo fun! thanks for hosting lori! :) (we should do this a lot! i have a pretty mean pack-rat streak!) :)