Saturday, September 29, 2007

destash-o-rama was a blast-o-rama!

man! we cleveys are a fun bunch!
today's destash party (a place to buy, sell, trade or give away supplies you no longer need) was quite a success!
good food, good loot, good pals!
take a look

6 comments: said...

how awesome was that!!!??? what a treat to meet sandy all the way from south carolina!

Gretchen said...

Oooh, we need to do this again. Forget the destash - can we just hang out and absorb each other's crafty vibes? I'd be happy to host Crochet-o-rama some weekend:)

virtuallori said...

Soooooo much fun! Thanks for sharing your afternoons and your "stuff"! said...

anytime gretchen! isn't it bizarre how awesomely awesome everyone is? it is so great not to have people look at you funny when you explain some crafty idea you have, or that you like looking at things for their parts instead of their wholes!

and i keep laughing when i think about fabric stiffener!

this is the coolest group of people! i get energized and inspired everytime i see ya all!

zJayne said...

Thanks for posting this here ...what a fun gathering you all had...sending a warm ~wave.

petitelibellule said...

We are so most awesomely awesome that it's so totally, like, wicked awesome.

gretchen-I neeeeeeeed to learn to crochet. Please teach me.

seriously, it was great to be with folks whose eyes don't glaze over when it comes to talking about technique and ideas, but who get excited instead.