Thursday, October 4, 2007

team promo contest

it's not too late to participate in our first team promo, "show Cleveland some love!" a contest where the winner will get to shop for free in one (or more) of our stores.

the contest will run from Friday, October 12th through Friday, October 26th. people entering the contest will need to look in your profiles to see what place each shop loves in Cleveland. please tell VirtualLori your favorite place.

if you would like to participate, the cost is $5 and Sunday, October 7th will be the last day to turn your money in to smashing (or you can send $5.50 by paypal.)

all collected money goes toward the prize.

please contact smashing (smashing at cox dot net) or VirtualLori (Lori at virtuallori dot com) with any questions.

thanks so much! we will be getting the link to the entry form out to you as soon as possible! :)

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