Friday, October 12, 2007


alright! it's here!

our first team scavenger hunt contest "Show Cleveland Some LOVE!"

let's get the word out! just copy this link and send an email to friends, family and anyone else who likes to get a chance to win things!

the prize is $65 to spend any way you like in the thirteen participating shops! use it all in one shop or break it up, whatever the winner would like to do :)

the contest runs from October 12th-October 26th
LazyMama had a great idea! let's post here and say where we are hanging up/passing out fliers so we don't overlap our efforts, thanks!

6 comments: said...

i haven't hung anything up yet (but i will!) mostly just joyously spammed everyone in every email address book except for customer service reps at target and overnight prints :) and i was tempted to send it to them too, but, i held back! :)

petitelibellule said...

I'm hitting Arabica in Chesterland today.

Gretchen said...

Okay, I've got fliers at the 5/3rd bank on Lorain in N. Olmsted, the Knitting Garden on Detroit in Westlake, and on the bulletin board at Panera at Great Northern.

I have to hit the N. Olmsted library to pick up a book this weekend, so I'll see if I can post there, too.

Valerie said...

Oh, this is all so fun. I'm bummed I'm a Clevelander but not an Etsy seller. I have my own independent site...but haven;t made the leap to etsy. Still debating if I want to. Looks like ya'll are doing some great things though. : )

Valerie said...

Message for Kathryn Patton--Thanks for the not on my web-site. You didn't leave your e-mail though. I'd def. be interested if membership was ever opened up.

By the way, I blogged the contest on Hope it helps a bit! :)

petitelibellule said...

Got Cut Hair Studio in CH too and a batch of far east side coffee shops thanks to a colleague.