Friday, October 19, 2007

call for artists

Thanks NaturalAbstracts, for letting us know that The Friends of the Lakewood Commission on Aging is hosting Sip into the Holidays an Auction to benefit the Lakewood Division on Aging at Local Girl Gallery on Saturday, December 1st.

They are looking for artists and craftspeople to decorate and donate wine or martini glasses. Donated glasses should be in pairs by theme and may be functional or not when they are done. "As wild as you want! You have total artistic freedom." says Ruth Koenigsmark, co-ordinator for the event.

It would be great to donate a couple of sets from ClevelandHandmade. If you are interested in donating a decorated pair of wine glasses as a group, please contact smashing by October 26th. Please have glasses ready by November 23rd.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Hey, did anyone donate to this or plan on going to this? I think it'd be fun to paint some glasses...though I'm not sure I can paint! LOL.

It would be fun to attend and bid...seeing as we've had 3 wine glasses broken in the last year by ummm..."lively" friends I'd have to keep 'em under lock and key. Anyone know how pricey the bidding could go.

Sheesh...lots of questions tonight.