Wednesday, July 2, 2008

free fabric-save it from the landfill! :)

"Carnegie Textile Company Closing WarehouseAll Fabrics in Storage offered to artists at NO COST
Background - Carnegie Textile Company is planning to exit the warehouse in July and dispose of the materials (in thegarbage/trash!). The company would like to offer the goods to thecommunity via ZeroLandfill. Due to the timeline and the inabilityto transfer and store such a large amount, ZeroLandfill felt itwould be easier to organize a visit to the warehouse and artistscould choose their own items and transport them directly.
When Katherine Dunlevey attended the June ZeroLandfill disbursement day, she was approached about possible interest in the treasure trove. She was able to make the arrangements as listed below.
Anyone is welcome to attend the event, but Katherine must be contacted (even up to the day of the event) so the names can be added to thesecurity check list. The warehouse has a large number bolts of fabric including scrim (about the weight of interfacing), gauze, and other types as well asboxed fabrics including a large selection of cut denims in many colors, prints, and styles (sample was 48"x48"). Many of the fabrics are industrial or institutional in grade.

Pickup - Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 9:30 Warehouse located in East Cleveland at
1734 Ivanhoe Road.
Parking is available in their lot. Park near the docks.Please pass the word on to friends, and ask them to contact Katherine Dunlevey at 440 543-8138, 440 478-4051 (mobile), dunlevey [!at]
Bring box cutters and wear old clothes - the plastic bags containingthe fabrics are very dusty."

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