Tuesday, February 5, 2008

new kid on the blog

YAY! Tricia of LazyTcrochet has volunteered to be our official team treasury reporter!

please send her a convo if you make a team treasury and would like it posted here.

what is a team treasury? it's a treasury where at least half of the items are from cleveland handmade members and the curator's items are not featured.

thank you so much T! :)

ps-we are still looking for volunteers to manage the cleveland handmade myspace and indiepublic pages, so let me know if you are interested: smashing at cox dot net.


zJayne said...

Thanks for taking this on LazyT...you're so great at snagging treasuries too.

I didn't realize not putting your own piece in a treasury was ..like...the way to go... no curator work in treasury, that's what that means..right? Oops...my bad!

smashing.etsy.com said...

no worries z! :) you make the best treasuries!

LazyTcrochet said...

Thanks. It's just that Etsy frowns on self-promotion for the treasuries and they won't choose one like that for the front page. I'd love to see a front page full of Cleveys!