Monday, February 18, 2008

happy birthday to whom?

thanks so much for all of the volunteering that has been going on!
lazyT is on the treasury beat. strawberrylemonade is running our myspace and petite is making us good indiepublicans! (links to these social networking pages can be found to the right, as well as an updated leader/contact list.)

now we need someone blog about our team birthdays! anyone up for it? send me an email at smashing at cox dot net or convo me through etsy. thanks! go team :)

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Valerie said...

I would love a job---but this one is waaaay to much responsibility. I'd feel like a big old jerk if I forgot somebody---and considering I forget my own hubby's birthday at times I'd be really bad.

WE need to brainstorm a job I can help with. LOL...random cheerleader?