Sunday, August 26, 2007

hey Pat Catan's Shoppers :)

at Pat Catan's last night they gave me a flier about a class action lawsuit.
the suit involves credit card/debit card expiration dates and/or numbers being printed on receipts before March 22, 2007.
luckily, no Pat Catan's shoppers reported any monetary damages because of this :)

if you used a credit or debit card at a Pat Catan's store before March 22, 2007 you should check out this link (it's a pdf) to see the dates affected by store since they vary by location. there is a voucher you can send in if you would like to be part of the "class"

the class includes: "All persons who received electronically printed receipts from Pat Catan’s Craft Center at the point of sale or transaction,
in a transaction occurring after the date shown below for each listed store and before March 22, 2007, wherein the receipt displayed (1) more than the last five digits of the person’s credit card or debit card number, and/or (2) the expiration date of the person’s credit card number. " quoted from
click the picture above or here to go to Pat Catan's main website-chock full of great info on events at their store, local craft fairs and product info, love you Catan's! :)

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