Thursday, May 26, 2011

Call for Artists- All That Matters To Me, artist run show

"Art is powerful. This show is a demonstration of the collective ability artists have to accomplish wonderful things when we pool our resources. Want to be part of ALL THAT MATTERS?

Deadline: June 6th

A one-day-only artist run show June 25, 2011 will be held at The Screw Factory in Lakewood, Ohio. We will host 25-30 artists, each will have space to display whatever they would like to create/install within the time frame of one day. After working all day on your project, the building will open to the public at 7pm and the world will gaze upon your splendor."

Apply here:


Prasti said...

ah bummer. i would apply but my husband has a show that same night :/.

Anonymous said...

Too late to join? =/