Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just announced!! :)

these are the special show-only discounts and incentives being offered at the Cleveland Handmade Last Minute Market on Dec 20th:
{ Free gift wrap/bag with purchase from The 4 Rs }

[Free fused-glass item ($12 value) with every $50 purchase from Katie Echle ]

{ Free zipper pouch for each bag purchased from London Purple }

[ All ceramic ornaments by Gina DeSantis are on sale ]

{ All items from Blue Orchid Bags are on sale }

[ 10% off all prints $20 or more from Colleen Fitzpatrick ]

{ 10% off all items from La Petite Libellule Handknits }

[ 10% off all items from Teresa Crompton ]

{ Special pricing on all items from Alamaison }

[ Special closeout sale items from Valerie Tyler ]

{ Photographic mandala calendars are only $15 from Playnature }

[ Free pair of resin earrings with $50 purchase from erika laine hansen ]

{ 10% off purchases over $50 from Lori Paximadis }

[ all proceeds from CBF Designs go to children's charities ]

{ a donation equaling 30% of sales made at the Last Minute Market by Smashing and Sweetness by Marthumpa will be made to the Help Foundation in Cleveland }

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Kelly and José said...

How wonderful :) We really want to go but why is it so late in the day?