Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jayne says: "happy earth day!"

like a sweet awareness spreading pixie, our own Jayne Pierce (you may know her as "ZJayne") is all over the internets with great wisdom and resources for all us to help do our part.

her shop has everything you need to (quite stylishly!) carry groceries, cover golf clubs and decorate your home and your self responsibly.
the Etsy news source, The Storque, has quoted Jayne saying "More and more we are seeing smart, fun, creative, artsy creations for everything! Handmade items extending the life of a product makes a difference a little at a time."
her work was on the front page of etsy, two mornings in a row! (thanks for the screenshots Nicki!)
AND she is sharing a promotion with us (only good today!) for 200 free sustainable business cards from GreenerPrinter.com

i'm pretty sure the earth says "thanks jayne!" :)

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zJayne said...

Wow...I didn't get to see this until this morning! Thanks...those greenerthink cards are nice too. I picked up some "thinker" ones and will be using them soon.

Appreciate the blogging! Happy Earth Day and week... little things make a difference.