Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fire-Cider Clevey Party, Saturday December 8th

The first annual Fire-Cider Clevey Party will be at Smashing's house in beautiful Fairview Park
at 8pm Saturday, December 8th.

There will be a fire, some cider, other refreshments, a story telling contest and a Cookie Swap. (there is also a rumor of Valerie Tyler door prize earrings, YUM!)

Limited accomodations are available for anyone too "tired" to drive home (as long as you don't mind bunking in a play room on a temporary bed) :)

How to participate in the Cookie Swap (not mandatory, but definitely fun!) per LazyMama:

"Bake one batch of your favorite holiday cookie or homemade candy. Bring them to the party, along with a separate container large enough to fit a couple dozen extra cookies. At the party we'll put everyone's treats out, and as we leave, everyone takes a few of each kind of cookie. That way we all have a selection of treats to share with guests (or to eat ourselves) and we only had to bake one batch of cookies."

If you'd like to go, please comment here and I will email the directions to you before the party. Dudes are welcome to come, too, just let me know how many will be in your party. Hope to see you there! (oh, and please dress warmly! I'm not kidding about staying outside by the fire, hee hee) :)


LazyTcrochet said...


petitelibellule said...

Okey, okey, I'll bring cookies! Geesh the pressure-I'm really coming to meet that beautiful dog!

Valerie said...

oooh...cookies. Now that is a good idea. I really do plan on coming and meeting everyone. I made some mean batched of cookies last year (as if 10 different kinds---it's the only time a bake a year!;P)

E-mail me some more details at some point.

virtuallori said...

I'm there!

smashing.etsy.com said...

me too! oh wait! i live there hee hee :)

yay, this will be fun!

if you have posted here (and don't already know the whereabouts of my secret hideout) i will send you directions closer to the 8th (of dec!) :)

Gretchen said...

Sign me up!

Is this for crafty people only, or are spouses and kids coming, too? I don't care either way, just need to make arrangements accordingly.

Jen said...

Looking forward to getting together with everyone!

SaraKate said...

I am so there!

smashing.etsy.com said...

all are welcome *but* it will be at 8pm and there will be alcohol (and non-alcoholic beverages) and we will mostly (unless there's a blizzard) be outside by a big fire.
so, it might not be an ideal environment for wee ones, but, we can be cautious if tiny ones are about :) and we have lots of toys (especially the fun ones that really hurt when i step on them, lots of those for some reason!)

Melissa said...

This didn't save my comment last time.

But I am planning on attending. However, my class in Rocky River is scheduled to end around 4:00 or so. I am sure I can find something to do until about 6:00, but I don't want to go all the way to Akron, cuz if I do, I know I won't be coming back. It is too expensive in gas. ACK!

Could I come over early and help you set everything up perhaps? Or does anyone else want to hang out with me for a couple of hours?

Melissa *kcjewelbox*

smashing.etsy.com said...

come on over Melissa! :)

Arianne said...

The Jeffster and I are in. Yes, Jeffster is my weak answer to Saint Timothy. hehe.


Leah said...

Well I thought I already posted my RSVP but I don't see it. I will be attending with yarn in tow. please bring fun random craft items to swap me!

Valerie said...

So how many random other halfs are coming...I am debating whether to bring mine (or if their welcome--don't want to overrun anyone's home)
A few other things:
How many cookies should we bring.
Would ya'll be interested in a door prize--I'll bring a few pairs of earrings to give away for fun.
Does anyone want to swap any beads...I've got a million zillion.

An Kathryn, send me directions sometime too I dunno how to get there. Thanks for inviting me!i can't wait to meet you all.

lakeerieartists said...

Two parties the same night. Will try to make it but I will be coming from the gallery. If you give me your phone number I will call you that day. Also, when do I get on the list of members and friends. Is there a hazing first?

ReneeSuich said...

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone,
Count me in,

virtuallori said...

You're on there, Paula. The official list is at ClevelandHandmade.com. The one here was outdated, so I just removed it and put the link to the real list instead.

petitelibellule said...

hazing? sounds like fun!

jen said...

Did you send out directions yet?? Maybe my e-mail address isn't linked...it's jhodgson13@yahoo.com

smashing.etsy.com said...

Jen-I sent them out, and sent you another this morning, let me know if you don't get it? maybe i ended up in a junk folder? i am pretty spammy :)